Types Of Office Printers

There are so many things that companies need to print on a day to day basis. Newsletters, internal memos, branded merchandise, labels, certificates, name badges, project proposals, presentations and meeting agendas are some of these things. While some of these can be printed using the modern-day multi-functional office printers, some may require specialised printers.  

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Types of printers

With respect to the range of printing services, there are two categories: specialised and multi-functional printers. Specialised printers can only print either in a certain way or on a specific type of surface. On the other hand, multi-functional printers can serve multiple purposes in an office including as an office photocopier or scanner. They can also print on papers or surfaces of various types and sizes. 
With respect to size, there are three main categories. Small desktop printers, medium sized printers and large industrial printers. smaller printers may have limited functionalities while the larger printers have more room and therefore the ability to accommodate several functionalities. This should be a major consideration with respect to your needs.

Printers can also be categorised based on the printing technology in use. In this case we have, inkjet printers, laser printers, LED printers, Dot Matrix Printers and so on. In the modern-day office, laser printers are more popular.  We can also group printers based on the dimensions of printing where we have single dimension, two-dimensional (2D), three dimensional (3D) and 4D printers. These use advanced printing technology in order to achieve the multiple dimensions.

Why work with Print Management Company?

Businesses have different printing needs and this is why the staff at MPC will analyse the needs of your business before they recommend the most suitable printer. As with all other technical equipment, you may not have an idea on which printers would accomplish what you have in mind. In such cases, the staff at the company will offer great insights and assist you in making the best decision.
Due to their extensive partnerships with different printer manufacturers and suppliers, they have a wide variety of printer options. Some of their notable partners include HP, Toshiba, Lexmark, Ricoh Prestige, RISO and Sharp Centre of Excellence which ensures that you get high quality and genuine printers and other office equipment. Besides, this partnership ensures that you get these printers at competitive market rates.

Finding a compnay with many years of experience in providing printers and other office equipment, one which has a wealth of experience in ensuring client needs are met. They also have a proven track record on quality, affordability and excellent service. They are your go-to people when in need of advice and new gadgets.